Good Partnership

Not Another Dating App: Software for Healthy Parterships

Unfortunately, the blog is not getting as much attention as planned at the moment. For one thing, spring is here and I’m spending more time cycling and eating ice cream. For another, I’m working on another project in which I’m investing many hours: I am developing Alliance Management software from scratch. A very important part of Alliance Management is interpersonal communication, finding the balance between partners while taking into account one’s own business goals....

21 May 2022 · 3 min

Licensing Agreement with CryptoPunks

When a digital image is sold for 69 million dollars or venture capital companies call up valuations of 5 billion US$, the current magic word is NFT (non-fungible token). This is currently used especially in connection with expensive crypto art, but is expected to do much more in the future. For many, an important part and savior of the future internet web3, but probably more of a snowball system in which only a minority will make a lot of money, but most will lose money....

20 February 2022 · 11 min
Raspberry Pi 4 as Router with OpenWrt

RaspiRouter: Speed and Security for a bargain

We have all noticed in recent years while working remotely how important a stable and reliable Internet connection is. When video conferencing, remote access to the company server and streaming are running in parallel, the connection can sometimes come to its limits. Between the bandwidth of the connection provided by the ISP and the transmission of the Wifi, the router is the interface that regulates everything. I’m not a plug and play guy (which it usually doesn’t do anyway), but want to know what my devices are doing and like to configure myself....

16 February 2022 · 7 min

Hello World

Hello world. After many attempts, my website is finally online and out came …. a blog 😁. I had many ideas of what I would like to try everything once on a website (from cycling in Brandenburg to ice cream parlors in Berlin) but somehow I was never satisfied with it. At the same time there is so much more I want to show and there a blog format seems to be best suited....

21 January 2022 · 3 min