Hello world.

After many attempts, my website is finally online and out came …. a blog 😁.

I had many ideas of what I would like to try everything once on a website (from cycling in Brandenburg to ice cream parlors in Berlin) but somehow I was never satisfied with it. At the same time there is so much more I want to show and there a blog format seems to be best suited. Probably a lot will change in the coming months, but eventually I just have to get started.

I plan to write something here about the things that I have not otherwise found in this way on the Internet. Of course, also about the best ice cream shops in Berlin, but especially some tips and tricks to have a nice cycling day in Brandenburg, why I use exactly this IT system so and what latest activities there are just again in Berlin that you should not have missed. And hopefully much more.

So I would like to start with this: The website.


I started with a “normal” hoster. Many years ago, my first choice was all-inkl.com. They had a good price/performance ratio and my package also included three domains. PHP, mySQL and Wordpress could be set up quickly and without problems.

Unfortunately I reached my limits pretty fast when I wanted to install the first npm package (nowadays not a good idea anymore). So I went searching and quickly came across uberspace. It offers everything I need:

  • Access via SSH to Linux console
  • Installation of tons of programs
  • Let’s Encrypt certificate installed by default
  • Hosting in Germany (good, because of GDPR)
  • Very fair pricing

Otherwise nice:

  • Anonymous registration and payment. Money can even be send via mail
  • Logs are not stored by default and IP addresses are shortened. This makes dealing with privacy much easier


Unfortunately, uberspace lacks domain registration, which was a bit of a deterrent for me at first glance, since you also have to buy and set it up. At second glance, however, this circumstance is an advantage. I was not resticted to the often limited selection of top-level domains (TLD) and could thus draw from all possible TLDs.

For those who are not afraid of this, this video on YouTube provides a very simple guide to the process on how to set-up on uberspace.

I quickly decided to use the registrar INWX. Any TLD can be registered here fairly easily and is moderatley priced. Additionally they offer Whois Privacy. A way to hide your name information in the WHOIS registry.

The search for the name took almost as long as the idea of the actual website. Either everything was already occupied or just not nice. By chance I discovered that philipp.bike is still available. How could that be? Immediately I had to strike, because a better name I can hardly wish for my page πŸ˜„.

So as of now, here we go. In irregular intervals I will write new articles about this and that. If you have any questions or suggestions, please send a mail to kontakt (at) philipp (punkt) bike