Unfortunately, the blog is not getting as much attention as planned at the moment. For one thing, spring is here and I’m spending more time cycling and eating ice cream. For another, I’m working on another project in which I’m investing many hours: I am developing Alliance Management software from scratch.

A very important part of Alliance Management is interpersonal communication, finding the balance between partners while taking into account one’s own business goals.

Another, but not insignificant part of the work is administration: keeping an eye on contractually agreed schedules and KPIs, recognising possible deviations in time and discussing measures. Preparing and compiling regular meetings and reports. All this is necessary, but sometimes also annoying.

For this reason, I decided to automate and centralise this management as much as possible and to develop my own software for this purpose, as the solutions currently available on the market do not offer the possibilities I would like. After all, an Alliance Manager should use his or her energies for cooperation and not have to spend his or her time on administration. Everything that can be done by a machine should be done by a machine.

I don’t just want software to help me manage and keep track of the cooperation, I want it to do the work for me. The software has to help me identify problems in time, facilitate work processes and support cooperation by creating a common working basis with the partner and at the same time seamlessly integrating into my workflows.

Since I didn’t have much experience in either web design or database administration, I spent the last few weeks and months intensively familiarising myself with these topics. The basic framework of database, backend and frontend is already in place. The first proof-of-concept components have been implemented and I can now add new ones in a matter of hours.

The goal of the project is to create a modern, fast and user-friendly web application. It should be based on open source components and be quickly usable on any web server or network computer. DSGVO conformity and collecting as little user data as possible is a matter of course. Security, data protection and bug fixing are more important than new features. However, should new requirements become necessary, the software must be quickly expandable.

Once the software is ready for use, my goal is to make it available free of charge to all interested Alliance Managers.

After all, my professional enthusiasm is not in software development, but in supporting cooperation.

Of course, more contributions will follow. Articles about the first tour of the year to Holy’s Kuchenparadies or the Berlin Ice Cream Week are already in the works and hopefully won’t be long in coming. But that depends mainly on the weather….